Gaviota - high quality catering equipment

The LarUm Ltd. is a partner of the Diamond´s company and a guarantee of your satisfaction. If you are looking for a catering equipment of high-quality for a good price, you can choose optimal products from our offer to fulfil your expectations.

We appreciate to be that right one to offer you a professional catering equipment for a running of your establishment. We still extend a scope of our products in dependance on the increasing demands of our customers. The goods of our offer exclusively comes from the manufactory of the Belgian mark of DIAMOND. We present ourselves as the only one with the widest variaty of the catering equipment - more than 5400 offered products of our portfolio and with an ability to ensure all the spare parts.

We offer online sale of the catering equipment and furnishing for you. We are going to open the first show-room with our products in Bratislava soon.You can find a catering technology for restaurant, bar, café, pizza, bakery, hotel,kitchen, self-service or laundry in our offer.

A gastronomy always requires new technological process what you manage with our equipment easy and comfortably.

Diamond - Your professional partner

Since 1985, Diamond® plays a large part in the evolution of the professional catering equipment sector, the renowned and the success of the brand, supported by a state-of-the-heart organization, placed the company Diamond® in the TOP 5 of the European distribution with a turnover outpacing the 30 million euro.

In some years, the distribution of the Diamond® products has even exceeded the lines of Europe, to expand on the international plan. Present in more than 30 countries, with a 1200 dealer’s network – engineer who combine professionalism, experience and skills, in order to suggest custom-made solutions.

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